Support Local Business - Guest Amenities / Staff Room Essentials

The importance of supporting locals is paramount, for our communities to thrive we must refrain from moving away from small businesses, and instead do what we can to support each other.

As we all adapt to the changing tides of covid we are discovering new innovative ways to move forward, enabling us to establish a future where we can thrive through this turbulent time.

Buying local is something that has proven to be prevalent, as the need to help create and retain valuable employment allows us to support families and establish better relationships.

By utilising your local suppliers you help the environment by reducing emissions and energy use, and your carbon footprint will be reduced.

New generations of Airbnb’s are one of many growing enterprises, and as such we have modified our stock to offer a multitude of options for all guest amenity requirements. Check out our options for Airbnb supplies:

Pure Beach - Bring summer inside with this idyllic beach-inspired range that offers a cool coastal theme, with fresh floral aromas of coconut, passionfruit, pink grapefruit, orange blossom, and cyclamen.

Basic Earth - Immerse your senses with this nature-inspired range that offers a comforting calming theme, with fresh citrus aromas of lemon, pineapple, orange, blossom, and amber.

Eco Fresh - Introduce a refreshing feel with this crisp revitalising inspired range that offers a fresh-faced theme, with invigorating citrus aromas of lemon, lime, and orange blossom.

rosche shampoo cheap guest amenities

Body & Soul - Choose a simplistic range that offers versatility.

We choose to purchase from Australian-based suppliers, and local manufacturers wherever possible to ensure we are actively supporting local business.

Our tea, coffee, and sugar are some of the lines that are made in Australia.

nescafe blend 43 cheap guest amenities

Nescafe Coffee - Nescafe Blend 43 has been manufacturing in their Gympie factory since 1997, roasting and blending right here on our doorstep.  Their sachets are made from 100% sustainably grown arabica and robusta coffee beans which are grown respectfully, making it our favourite coffee for Aussie tastes. 

nerada tea cheap guest amenities

Nerada Tea - In 2021 Nerada Tea will celebrate 50 years of growing pesticide-free black full-bodied tea right here in the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland. Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients, it is the go-to True Brew Australian Tea.

Support local, purchase all your guest amenities and staffroom essentials from our family-owned business, and reap the benefits of quality products at great prices.

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